It is a warm night in July in Brackenridge, PA..... the late 1950' s or early 1960's. Half a dozen young children, some early teens, sit under a street light on Union Avenue. The sound of the Drifters (Under the Boardwalk) or the Five Satins (In The Still of The Night) can be heard in the distance. It is a time that some recall as the Happy Days. It was a time of 57' Chevy's, Cherry Cokes and french fries. Friday night dances at Chuck's Pool Hall, or Saturday nights at the roller rink dances, or Henry's. It was an era when people left home for the day and never locked their doors. When children would sleep out under the stars in their back yards and in the morning everyone was still safe. It was a time when children, such as these, found true joy and excitement creating ghost tales and adventures competing to see who could tell the best story. It was a bygone era of love your neighbor and stand by your pals. It was a truly different time in America.

As the Country advanced into the space age and to new technologies, those children, those storytellers also grew into adulthood. But for two of those children of that time gone by, the love of creating characters and stories never grew old. Two of those children still visit those days of the past in their memory, and the love of storytelling lives on in their lives as authors. One has moved to New England, but those street light nights still live within him as they do in C. William (Bill) Davis III. Bill also left the area for a time, but the draw of those memories and those street light nights eventually brought him back to where it all began. Bill now resides again on that same street. That old street light still stands just outside those upstairs windows in front of a desk where many hours are spent, once again, creating characters and adventures that are colored by those warm summer nights of the past. It is in the glow of that light that the Clive Aliston Series was born, and that many other stories are being created or tested for possible birth into the light of another day. It is a place where six young children were first introduced to life, and to Cherry Coke memories that will never fade.